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THE BHMA UK Memberships


The BHMA UK recognises and regulates the professional standards of its members by virtue of membership/fellowship. The full and fellow members undergo examination before awarding the membership. This enables a competitive and learning environment and help us to adhere to our standards of elite memberships. 

Female Students
​​Associate & Student Membership


Eligibility: All who are interested in Homoeopathy & all students studying Homoeopathy in recognised institutes. On graduation, students will be entitled to register for full membership of the BHMA UK on meeting the membership requirements and payment of the full membership fees.

Members are entitled for:
  • Free copies of Online Electronic Homeopathic Journal/Newsletter

  • Invitations & reduced rates for attendance at National & International Conferences & Seminars organised by the BHMA UK.

  • Two Webinars Annually

  • Membership Fee: £50 per annum.

Full Membership MHMA UK
Eligibility - The general entry requirements are: 


Candidates applying for the MHMA UK must have a Diploma or Degree from a recognised school/university/college of homeopathy. In addition, experienced homeopaths who previously had Diploma in homeopathy, and are in regular homeopathic practice for at least 3 years may be accepted for the membership by submitting curriculum vitae, letters of reference and a compilation of 5 case studies.

  • If the basic requirements are met, a written (online) exam/interview will be conducted for granting membership.

  • Applicants need to show competence in written and spoken English and use of computers.

  • C.V., evidence/copies of valid certificates must be appended with the application.

Full Membership Privileges: 


* Use of the letters MHMA UK 

* Two memberships for the price of one

* 5 Annual Webinars

* Seminar / Conference Annually

* An Association run Democratically by Homoeopaths for Homoeopaths

* National and International status

* Support of a professional experienced association, with over 30 year’s Experience

* Register of qualified homeopaths

* Insurance specifically designed for The HMA UK members ensuring public confidence.

* Online Representation

* Monthly Electronic International News Letters 

* Electronic printable International Journal (2 issues per year)

* Representation of your profession

* Recognition by health insurance companies

* Exclusive Membership Online Forums

* Continuous Professional Development opportunities

* 2 Certificates of membership

* Discount for attending the Intentional Liga Annual Conference

Doctor Checking a Form
Fellowship FHMA UK
Smiling medical team

Eligibility: The general eligibility for the FHMA UK are: BHMS, DHMS, L.C.E.H., P.G. Hom, M.D. Hom, D. Hom, Experienced homeopaths applying for FHMA UK must have been in Homoeopathic clinical practice for more than 10 years and have shown outstanding contribution in the field of Homeopathy. Applicants should forward C.V. of achievements in the field of Homeopathy.


The FHMA UK shall be granted to persons after an online written exam and/or interview. Such fellowship shall be granted to eligible persons, to whom association, after thorough scrutiny shall award with the fellowship.

Privileges as per MHMA UK & in addition: 

* An exclusive fellowship engraved souvenir

* Fellows are entitled to be invited as Lecturers/ as Speakers at Conferences & Seminars, subjected to the discretion of the Association.

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